Tuesday, March 23


So, I have many character flaws. Little gliches in my genetic make up which could be classified as "interesting" if you were being charitable or downright irritating if you are not. I am aware of these foibles but not so great at keeping them under control so I occasionally put my not-so-teeny feet straight in the mire.

Those posters saying "engage brain before opening mouth" - they were written with me in mind. I've inadvertently lost friends for myself (and others) by recklessly speaking my mind without prior consideration of the consequences. Not that I'm a complete cow you understand, there is usually some provocation but I think my tolerance could be higher.

Yesterday I teased someone who, it turned out, didn't have a sense of humour about the subject in question. In the ensuing minutes of raised voice and character assassination, I got bored and put the phone down.

Not my finest hour but I'm bored of being treated like this. So, now the dilemma. Shall I take the high ground, ring and grovel an apology or wait for them to ring me? There are things that need to be said but sadly I'm not sure I trust myself enough to say them rationally and calmly.

Least said, soonest mended or shall I take the plunge and make a call? Come on wise ones, lend me your thoughts.

Monday, March 15

Frisky in June

What is it about June that brings so many March birthdays? More than two birthdays a weekk to cope with this month and I'm fast running out of present ideas.

What would one buy for these people?

1) Mr P, the suave and sophisticated man about town. Trouble with buying for Mr P is that if he wants it, he has generally bought it already.

2) Mrs B, flibbertygibbet socialite with the attention span of a goldfish.

3) Mrs S, serious literary reader with a penchant for cakes and knitting

4) Mrs F, friend of many years with varied tastes.

Those are just for starters. All suggestions gratefully received, thank you.

Wednesday, March 10


Tonight I have spent the evening restoring a much loved old friend to something resembling his former glory. It has been a job with a deadline requiring nerves of steel to prise him from under the nose of the sleeping babe.

I have cut...

and pinned.....

and stitched...

and finished.

Now he is tucked back into bed next to his loving friend, ready to be discovered in all his new glory in the morning. I hope Miss P is as pleased with him as I am.

Tuesday, March 9


Another busy day but one of being presented with problems I am currently at a loss to solve.

I am going to hope that the recommended eight hours sleep recharges the brain so I am filled with solutions tomorrow.

Would you all mind crossing your fingers, just in case?

Monday, March 8


Today I have had an unexpected free day with the Smallest P off to nursery and I have put it to good use. This is what I can do in a day if I really put my mind to it:

1) Three loads of washing, now dried, folded and in the airing cupboard.

2) An extensive haircut for many of the more unruly plants in the garden, not to mention the wisteria which was galloping recklessly under the eaves and into the loft.

3) Accidental plastic surgery on the end of my thumb.

4) Re-arranging the woodshed. There is something in there and it has deposited nastily on the wall. Ugh.

5) Supervising small people baking jam tarts.

6) Lighting a fabulous bonfire to get rid of the prunings.

7) Cuppa with the nice lady next door.

8) One game of netball in the freezing cold.

Along the way I was joined by a very noisy Robin who was busy telling the world this was his patch and he was very important. He sounded fabulous but wouldn't keep still long enough to take a picture. I hope he will hang around for a bit.

Tomorrow I'm off to do some paid work.