Tuesday, August 24


Sorry folks, not a thing to say just now. Feeling very scritchy and sore with shingles and just too tired to think beyond the smalls' bedtime.

Bak sun, as Wol would say.

Wednesday, August 18


"Mummy look" she says as she skids round the corner into the kitchen "this one is wobbly too." She grins and shows me the definite wiggle of the first lost tooth's neighbour.

At this rate the tooth fairy will be working overtime for the forseeable future.

Wednesday, August 11

Being sneaky

And lo, with much wiggling and pulling, the tenacious tooth finally fell out today so think of me this evening as I sneak soundlessly (whilst treading on the inevitable bits of Lego) into Lapin's bedroom a la Fairy de Dent to deposit a fat pound in the right place. In my day, I'm sure the tooth fairy was not nearly so flash with her cash - sometimes I feel inflation can really be over rated.

Monday, August 9


That tooth is still hanging about. The godfather and Lapin have made a double or quits bet for Thursday. I really don't think I can wait that long. I may have to resort to the time honoured method of string and slamming doors.

Is there a law against it?

On a more worrying note, the biggest spider I have ever seen has just strolled menacingly across the floor. If he hadn't looked so fierce, I might have asked him to pay rent. As it is, I am wondering whether it will be necessary to call the boys in blue to evict him....

Wednesday, August 4

Fruits of the season

Fresh kent cherries - better than sweets.

Though perhaps eating a whole pound of them could be classed as gluttony......

n.b. photo from The Wealden Times

Tuesday, August 3

Imparting knowledge

Apparently it is acceptable to swear when you are six under the following circumstance:

You are explaining all the swear words you know to somewhat surprised parents in a mousey whisper directly into their ear. You can only get away with this if you look very solemn all the while and blame a friend at school for telling you all of them.

I suppose I should be pleased her vocabulary is so varied, and she knows the meaning of each but it is quite a surprise. She is usually so innocent and a stickler for angelic behaviour!

Sunday, August 1

Oooh the suspense

Sitting in the sun at her Godfather's this afternoon, Lapin discovered her first wobbly tooth. She has been waiting for this moment for what seems like ages, increasingly desperate for an event which she thinks will signal being properly grown up. Apparently, all the people in her class have got big teeth and she has been hankering to join them.

She has a perfect smile, a neat matching set of brilliant enamel. The wobbly tooth revealed itself firstly as a little gap between it and its neighbour. The excitement was tangible and the Godfather has carried out his loco parentis role by making a bet with her about exactly when the tooth will fall. Gambling is such an important skill, I'm glad we chose her sphere of influence so wisely.

Does anybody know what the Tooth Fairy leaves these days?