Thursday, January 14

Practical shoes

So, as you can see, these are the sort of shoes a girl just cannot live without. A practical, good for every occasion pair that are a Gok endorsed basic staple of any chic wardrobe.

And besides, I have been coveting them for yonks and there they were, in a sale, in my size. A miracle not to be sniffed at.

Tomorrow, when I visit a dear friend, I shall give them their first step out and I know she will ooh at them just enough to convince me I had to have them.

That is real friendship.

Wednesday, January 13

Pleasures in the cold

1. The school run is enormously improved by the occasional snow ball and travelling by sledge.

2. Lots and lots of laughter and cameraderie.

3. A soft scarf tucked gently under the chin.

4. An inability to rush, giving plenty of time to savour the world beyond one's nose.

5. The quiet still of snow.

6. Coming home and snuggling in front of the fire.

I might be one of only a few, but I'm longing for the snow to last a bit longer!

Monday, January 11

Twanging the heart strings

In the final frantic minutes before the school run starts, at least five minutes after we should have left the house, I finally lose my temper.

The smallest bean, who is prone to following flights of fancy and whimsy rather than the task in hand, is not yet dressed.

This is a repetitive irritation and I point it out, once or twice.

Predictably he dissolves into tears and it takes even longer to get out of the house.

Later, when all is calm again, a small voice says "But Mummy, I thought we would be friends forever."

Honestly. What is a mother to do?

Friday, January 8

Arousing suspicion

Note to small children:

If you intend to scribble artistically on the furniture, it is best not to sign your work.