Sunday, October 23

Yum yum yum

Look what we have growing on our tree.

Another thing to love about the lengthy Indian summer.

Sunday, October 16


Amazing but true: for once the cake was ready on time and consumed with glee.

Given the exceptionally large quantity of e-numbers, the biggest result of the day was that all the parents turned up to collect their little cherubs before the hyperactivity set in.


Wednesday, October 12

Work in progress

Bounce has a birthday tomorrow so I have been baking.

Given the wide range of e numbers, isn't it lucky all the party guests will go home immediately after they have eaten their cake?

Tuesday, October 11

Long time

So much time has passed since I was last here, it is almost embarrassing to return. Suffice to say there has been an enormous amount of stuff going on over the past three months that has demanded my time and attention and I haven't felt there was anything interesting to tell the world. Anyhow, now there are some answers to the summer of questions and hopefully there will soon be good news to share.

In order to shoehorn a gratuitous photograph into the post, here is my lunch.

Just because I'm eating salad (and exercising to a boring degree) in order to encourage my waistline to slim, there is no need for it to be ordinary. Rock on yummy flowers!