Sunday, November 21


I thought it might be nice to see what Perpetual Motion might look like if I made a few tweaks.

What a mistake. First, I changed some text colour and it didn't apply to all of the text so some bits were a totally different colour to others. It looked messy and I loathed it but I ran out of steam and left it unfinished and looking very unsatisfactory.

Tonight I sat down with some time to fiddle and a mind to put things straight. An hour of following Blogger's not so helpful suggestions and somehow I have made it revolting and can't get the old blog back. Yuk.

Tomorrow I shall research new options. Does anyone have any helpful hints?

Saturday, November 20

Indian summer?

With a quiet nod to Mrs M, a raspberry in November is not quite as sweet as its summer relation, but a delicious treat none the less.

Thursday, November 4

A little splash of Spring

As I sit working feverishly away on the computer, chasing one more tedious deadline (why are there so many?), I can hear the wind howling round the house.

Although the day is dry, there is a great deal of thick grey cloud, the light is very dull and the sun seems very far away. Always a sucker for a bit of procrastination, I start to peruse some photos and found this:

What a wonderful promise of spring colour and sunshine to come. In the meantime, I'm just off to light the fire....