Tuesday, October 26

Unexpected guests

Recently we found this unexpected visitor sitting in the sun on the pavement in front of the house. He lay pathetically on the floor, just waiting to be trodden on by anyone rushing on their way. Bounce spotted him with great glee, no doubt hoping for an excuse to be even later for school. So, with barely a pause, we whisked him to a safer place and galloped on our way.

Sadly the photos do not do him any justice at all. Lapin, with great enthusiasm, discovered that this is an Atlas moth - the World's biggest moth. He was comfortably eight inches across with his magnificent wings fully extended and had some fabulous markings. He did look a little ragged round the edges from his previous excursions but just feast your eyes upon his magnificent antenna and face.

After a relaxing day resting on the tree, basking in the sun and a small dose of sugary water dispensed by Lapin (not to mention the interest of most of the neighbours), he flew off into the distance. Let me tell you, the way an Atlas moth flies (erratically and with the same sort of surprised expression a heron wears when in mid-air as if they are not quite sure how they got up there), the distance is not too far away. I wonder how far he got.

Thursday, October 21

Seen today

2 fat crows, lining up for a fight. Their chest puffed out as they eye each other with contempt. Their black feathers gleam with a petroleum green in the autumn sunshine.

A small herd of deer, grazing stubble whilst one basks in the sun. Stretched out flat, it almost looks dead but twitches its ears from time to time to flick the flies away. Their coats are dark and velvety and thick enough to keep out the chilly breeze.

A cluster of pheasants, all looking alarmed but hovering in the indecision of which way to run first.
Heads up, their every muscle quivers with anticipation but they are still like statues in their fear or the unexpected noise.

A blue tractor, pulling a plough, followed by a greedy entourage of attending gulls, wheeling and swooping to find unexpectedly exposed worms and grubs.

I love to travel by train.

Friday, October 8


Phew! Is it Friday already? I have been chasing my tail even more than usual this week and the days have just disappeared. Naturally this means all the deadlines are nearly a week closer. Eeek!

Still, look at this lovely weekend we had:

1) Trip northwards to catch up with extended family, including one back from overseas for a whistlestop tour. Fabulous company as always with the noise levels ratcheting up and up throughout the day as more and more outlandish tales of larks and derring do are told.

2) Impromptu overnight stay in my aunt's swish new house with a chance for a more peaceful catch up whilst ignoring the tell tale thumps from upstairs which indicated Lapin and Bounce were certainly not putting their minds to sleep.

3) Quick visit to the very lovely and talented Tooting Squared who has been very busy organising Wandsworth Open House. The smalls made finger mice and other oddities with coloured card whilst I perused t'art. Very nice too. If you in the area and at a loose end, I thoroughly recommend a visit this weekend when most of the artists will be opening their houses for a second time.

4) On the way home (and on Tooting's advice) we popped in to see Caragh who is a very talented childrens' illustrator, and Brian who takes beautiful pictures. I am now lusting after a few more material things. I'm afraid I will never be good enough to be Buddhist, such is my longing for all sorts of things.

5) We came back to find that MrP had been very industrious and all sorts of tedious tasks had been finished in our absence. What a star he is.

6) Monday morning brought Book Day, a festival of dressing up as a character of your choice. Ever the individual, Lapin decided to be the Troll's recipe book. Cue lots of activity painting, sticking, writing and adjusting until it was perfect. Bounce chose to be a parrot so we mocked up a costume featuring a scary amount of red and gold sequins, topped off by a hat from the nursery end of year play. I'm told he was considered one of the best dressed children which leads one to wonder what on earth everyone else was wearing!