Monday, May 30


On a whim we decided to visit a local antiques fair this afternoon, decanting from the car we chatted about the items we especially hoped to find.

MrsP: I'm looking for some nice garden obelisk for the sweet peas to clamber up.
MrP: I'd like to find some racing badges.
The lovely Ms Tooting: I want a bargain box of beautiful buttons.
Lapin: Me too.
Bounce: I need a light sabre.

Cue much mirth and merriment, and Bounce's inevitable disappointment when none of the stalls had anything even remotely like it for sale. There was a large military sword which took his fancy but Bounce is not the sort of child who should be trusted with a large and sharp knife so we stood firm and walked away empty handed.

Sunday, May 22

The power of advertising

Since there are a plethora of seemingly wealthy advertising moguls, one can safely assume the marketing of a product has a significant impact on its sales. I gather teams of experts pore for months over plans for campaigns designed to get us to part with our hard earned cash in the right direction.

One can only imagine how long it took staff to come up with this poster, seen in a bar in Ireland..... wonders how popular the offer is and whether the potion lives up to its name. (Well one does if one has a smutty mind!)

Wednesday, May 18


A rose is a beautiful thing, and a scented one even more so, but look at this amazing bloom unfurling around no less than three buds.

None of the rest of the flowers on the bush are the same so it must be a miraculous one off, and all the more spectacular for it.

Monday, May 16


If you are lucky enough to have sophisticated friends who are celebrating a recent house move, you might be able to sit in the sun sipping champagne on a Monday morning.

If you are sensible you will remember you are in charge of a bicycle and will moderate your intake so as not to terrorise the roadside hedges on your way home.

What a great way to ease into the week.

Saturday, May 7


The air has been thick with suppressed moisture all day and yet it has taken until late in the evening for the clouds to burst, suddenly and with great ferocity. The falling rain is so rapid it sounds much like that from a very powerful shower, the drops bouncing high up off the floor.

Already the atmosphere smells cleaner and you can almost hear the plants sighing with relief as the dust is washed from their drooping leaves and there is a hint of damp heading towards their roots.

Naturally, now is the time I remember I didn't go back to water the greenhouse. I bet those little plantlets are wild with envy for those ouside.