Thursday, September 30


Yesterday I went to have my hair cut. This is not a regular occurrence because I am too disorganised (and too busy) to put it at the top of my priority list. I guess it is a virtue not to list vanity as one of one's vices but the fact remains, it is nice to look good.

So, I now sport a slightly different mop of hair which should be nice and simple to look after. Why is it then that I am completely incapable of making it look nearly as sleek and stylish as the hairdresser?

Monday, September 27

Competitive parenting

I know it really isn't the done thing to be seen doing your offspring's homework but there is something very pleasant about sitting in the sun colouring in a picture together. Clearly I was merely in a supportive role but it was very therapeutic.

Do you think I will get an A*?

Saturday, September 25

Autumn sunshine

There is a nip in the air but the sun is shining and the sky is the azure blue of the summer so we nip out for a stroll.

The route is long, it twists and turns through trees and bullrushes and water meadows and finally up a towering hill. The views from the top are certainly worth the toil. The sea twinkles in the far distance and the ground is spread out like a patchwork quilt below us.

We are content with sanctimonious aches when we return and feel justified tucking into second helpings of lunch.

Wednesday, September 22


Turns out Bounce is only using one of his eyes to see. Cue smart orange specs and a hospital referral which will probably lead to a patch.

Now I am mother to a budding world leader and a pirate. That should have it all covered.

Tuesday, September 21

Early politics

Lapin has been elected to her school council. In order to be chosen she had to make a speech to her class and be chosen as the best representative. On the return from school I asked what she had said in her speech and the reply stunned me more than a little.

"I said I would have the best ideas, and look after the little children."

Watch out Miliband and Miliband, there is precocious young talent on your heels.


No charger for the computer for the past three weeks and a pile of work getting bigger by the day.