Tuesday, January 17

Red boots

Whilst surfing for some boots to replace the ones I have worn out, I found this.

Not quite what I had in mind but isn't he the sartorial pig about town?

Monday, January 16

Bright start

Monday mornings are notoriously tedious as the weekend is reluctantly sloughed off but who could fail to be enticed out of bed by a sunrise as beautiful as this?

Sunday, January 15

Babysitting service

Seen outside an enterprising pub in the nearest shopping town:

I like their thinking.

Wednesday, January 4

After the storm

As the whistling of the wind and the swirling of the rain finally began to subside yesterday the end of the storm was heralded by a midday dawn chorus. Suddenly the air was filled with little birds all talking at the tops of their voices from sheltered perches and the noise was beautiful.

Monday, January 2


The words have been stuck somewhere between my mind and the page, usually because they don't seem poetic enough to share. I'm resolving to do better but in the meantime, here is a summer picture to brighten the short winter days.