Wednesday, April 28


Jostling with the hum drum of every day activities is a nagging voice, pointing out I'm neglecting those who care for me the most. So, if you are reading this and wondering if you will ever hear my dulcet tones again, I promise there is a light at the end of this tunnel and I'll call soon.

Wednesday, April 21


This is what I have been up to since the last post:

Five days at the races
Four days of tidying (not every hour of the day obviously - I'm not quite Mrs Beeton!)
Three reports written
Two lawns mown (pocket handkerchief size but I did have to do some mechanical work on the mower)
Two stays with friends and relations
One marathon (supporting role only)
One celebration of St. George
One convivial dinner party with friends
Countless hours of book keeping

Reviewing this list, I feel less guilty for not blogging more often.

Tuesday, April 13


There is a special sort of loveliness in those peaceful hours when everyone is in bed.

Productivity on all sorts of boring tasks is enormously increased by the simple method of less available distraction.

Not to mention an over indulgence in late night caffeine which keeps the eyelids stubbornly open.

Wednesday, April 7

Sunny outlook

Whilst listening to others complain about the effort of entertaining their smalls now school is out, I have been keeping uncharacteristically quiet. Thing is, (whisper this) I'm having a lovely time.

Me and the small have been going nowhere fast and chatting a lot along the way. I love the change of pace the holidays bring. We have time to stop and watch the world go by, not to mention a game of Pooh Sticks or two.

There is a special release in not having to watch the clock or chivvy and chase. There are long afternoons, stretching into twilit evenings that are perfect for just pottering. As yet, I haven't found a way of saying this without seeming unpleasantly smug so I just nod my agreement and smile whilst I think of all the fun we are having.

Tuesday, April 6

Bank Holidaying

Easter Egg Hunts - 1
Chocolate eaten - surprisingly little
Friends visited - 4
Furniture built - 1
Furniture moved - 9 (with more to go)
Loads of washing done - 53 (at least)
Piles of ironing done - 1 (luckily almost all our clothes are non-iron, classified by me)
Veg patch digging done - a little (The rest today, unless someone can provide a distraction)
Greenhouse cleaned - partially
Birthday presents bought - 3
Miles walked - at least 7
Fun had - lots

I hope you all had a similarly lovely Easter weekend. Must dash, I'm off to finish the "List of Things to do."