Sunday, February 21

Slightly damp and steamy.

That got your attention, didn't it?!

Ostensibly we are here as supporters for Mr P, who is running in competition today, but at the earliest opportunity we have ducked our responsibility and dived into a cafe for breakfast. The rain is teeming down and the windows are soon steamy with the moisture we have brought in with us.

A game is started to pass the time whilst we wait. You have to choose one of the two options, forsaking the other for the rest of your life. The small P's get the gist immediately and are enthusiastic players. They consider each option with care and reveal some preferences I had no prior knowledge of and then float some suggestions of their own.

So, would you rather have....

....ketchup or brown sauce?

...sausages or bacon?

...meat or cheese?

...cupcakes or doughnuts with sprinkles on the top?

The prize for best contribution goes to Miss P, recently six, who stops conversation dead with:

Would you rather have an elephant living in the house or central heating?

I'm still considering my answer.


Tooting Squared said...


(Having recently spent a week without any central heating, I'm willing to try anything else!)

Baglady said...

Ketchup bacon cheese cupcakes. Though not all together.

And the elephant provided it was house trained. Every time.