Thursday, May 20

Global thinking

Occasionally (very rarely as those who know me will attest), I am completely lost for words and this afternoon was a great example.

On our way to an afternoon without Bouncy treat, Lapin suddenly stops humming along to Radio 2 (I'm one of their younger listeners obviously) and says:

"Mummy, if the world is round like a globe, why does everybody on it think they are standing the right way up?"

I'm totally flummoxed.

Has anyone any ideas how to explain that to a small? Frankly, I don't really understand it myself.


alice c said...

Errr...when you know the answer can you let me know...and after that, I want to know why the people underneath us in Australia don't fall off.

Tooting Squared said...

It's magic shoe glue that holds everyone on. That's what I was told. (But I wasn't a bright child ...)