Thursday, October 21

Seen today

2 fat crows, lining up for a fight. Their chest puffed out as they eye each other with contempt. Their black feathers gleam with a petroleum green in the autumn sunshine.

A small herd of deer, grazing stubble whilst one basks in the sun. Stretched out flat, it almost looks dead but twitches its ears from time to time to flick the flies away. Their coats are dark and velvety and thick enough to keep out the chilly breeze.

A cluster of pheasants, all looking alarmed but hovering in the indecision of which way to run first.
Heads up, their every muscle quivers with anticipation but they are still like statues in their fear or the unexpected noise.

A blue tractor, pulling a plough, followed by a greedy entourage of attending gulls, wheeling and swooping to find unexpectedly exposed worms and grubs.

I love to travel by train.


Baglady said...

Really beautiful imagery. Thanks.

alice c said...

Lovely. Thank you for that.