Sunday, November 21


I thought it might be nice to see what Perpetual Motion might look like if I made a few tweaks.

What a mistake. First, I changed some text colour and it didn't apply to all of the text so some bits were a totally different colour to others. It looked messy and I loathed it but I ran out of steam and left it unfinished and looking very unsatisfactory.

Tonight I sat down with some time to fiddle and a mind to put things straight. An hour of following Blogger's not so helpful suggestions and somehow I have made it revolting and can't get the old blog back. Yuk.

Tomorrow I shall research new options. Does anyone have any helpful hints?


Dani'sfadingmargins said... But I've been reading a bit, and your blog is good without any frills.

Although frills are crowd pleasers, aren't they? Give the people what they want.

I know I'm helpful. See ya again later!

alice c said...

My advice is to have another blog that you use as a place to practice different ideas. It doesn't need to appear on your profile but you can create as many blogs as you want and play around with designs until you are confident enough to make changes with Perpetual Motion.