Sunday, January 23


One of the downsides of persistently refusing to purchase a tumble dryer (and being too miserly to buy excessive school uniform) is the need for ruthless washing efficiency. Given that most people who know me well would not list ruthless efficiency as one of my top skills, you can imagine the potential for disaster and for the washing pile to become a mountain.

Accordingly, Sundays are generally spent at one end or the washing process or the other. The hours while away as the various loads move from here..

..via here...

..and finally to here.

Though there is undoubtedly some satisfaction in a good job done, I can't help feeling that it is yet another nail in the coffin of my youth. Surely Sundays used to be more wild than this?


Poshyarns said...

I do so hear you! I do in fact have a tumble dryer but for economic and environmental reasons decided to stop using it. The obvious reduction in the electric bill means that I just cannot bring myself to use it at all now, even in a total emergency I find myself thinking about what it will cost me. So yes, I am struggling up the mountain of laundry efficiency too.

fiona said...

I also have no tumble drier and I utterly hate doing laundry. But I have managed through relentless procrastination to pass this task on to my beloved who seemed to realise somewhere down the line that if he didn't do it there wouldn't be any clean shirts for work on Monday.

...not that my Sunday's are any more exciting!