Wednesday, April 6


I think I have mentioned before my slightly cavalier attitude to deadlines and I'm ashamed to say this extends to birthdays. I have a great memory for dates and always know when a significant date is approaching but I have an uncanny knack of failing to do anything about it until too late. And since, even with the best will in the world and all my fingers crossed, Royal Mail sadly do not offer a same day service inevitably my cards and gifts are usually late. With some people this is a Disaster, an error of such magnitude that it may take weeks to recover but thankfully others are more sanguine about my failings. However, as it is my very bestest friend's (I say that knowing it will irritate her enormously) birthday today, I should like to wish her a very Happy Birthday and better luck catching the train home.



Tooting Squared said...

I don't know who your bestest friend is, so I can't speak for her (!) but I can tell you that I missed a succession of trains home last night, finally catching one at about 10:30. **hic**

Amaranthine said...

You need a chaperone and luckily I know of a very suitable one!