Thursday, June 27

Small triumphs

Sports Day.

Lapin runs elegantly and floats into a very close second place. She is disappointed to be beaten by her best friend again but has high hopes for the long distance race. She runs her heart out and finishes distraught, ribcage heaving and tears streaming. 5th place will not do, despite my best efforts to comfort her (and point out her young age in comparison to the others.)

Bounce runs with great determination, his eyes locked on the finish line and his little legs thundering up and down. He is 5th and very pleased as he beat the one boy he really wanted to.

With strong encouragement, I run the Mothers' Race and win. Again. It is becoming embarrassing but I confess my competitive spirit is so strong that I am fiercely determined to burst through that ribbon first.

The smalls are very proud of me, and I of them, and that makes me smile.

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