Monday, March 15

Frisky in June

What is it about June that brings so many March birthdays? More than two birthdays a weekk to cope with this month and I'm fast running out of present ideas.

What would one buy for these people?

1) Mr P, the suave and sophisticated man about town. Trouble with buying for Mr P is that if he wants it, he has generally bought it already.

2) Mrs B, flibbertygibbet socialite with the attention span of a goldfish.

3) Mrs S, serious literary reader with a penchant for cakes and knitting

4) Mrs F, friend of many years with varied tastes.

Those are just for starters. All suggestions gratefully received, thank you.

1 comment:

Tooting Squared said...

1) Mr P. Kevin & Perry Go Large box set. Suave and sophisticated.

2) Mrs B. A treatment. Pedi / mani / facial / bikini ...?

3) Mrs S. Wolf Hall. I'll give you a copy, barely used.

4) Mrs F. Any of the above!