Sunday, June 27

Baking in the heat

Round here there are several ways of enjoying the heat but it is Stanley who does it in style, lolloping slowly around the garden, pausing here and there to nibble something delicious. He is especially fond of lying in the shade under the raspberries where he is completely invisible to the anxious owner. He likes to hide when we are out of the garden but comes out when there is company to be shared, hopping past us slowly with a friendly waggle of the ears.

He is the biggest rabbit I have ever met with enormous satellite dishes for ears. A cat sized bundle of soft white fluff you can bury your hand in and is always spotlessly clean. One ear always sticks up, the other flops about unless he is feeling especially alert and he clearly considers himself the boss.

Given the chaos inside, he is probably right.

1 comment:

Tooting Squared said...

Stanley's ears are my most favourite things ever! I love the permanent "what's going on?" look that it gives him.