Wednesday, June 23

Two sad things

Today has been one of many tears, for all of us. A dear friend has moved far enough away that a visit would be quite an epic trip. I shall miss her enormously. She is a funny and happy soul, endlessly generous with time, friendship and hospitality and there will be a big hole in my life where she used to be. Still, a visit is in the offing and a trip to pastures new is never to be turned down.

The friend's daughter is bestest pal to one of the smalls so she has been sobbing, great waves of sadness at saying goodbye. They have had some great fun over the past two years and the classroom will be quiet without her. On the bright side, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to communicate by phone, email and Skype which I'm sure will be fun though I suspect it is bound to drive me nuts at some point.

Finally, as if the day was not sad enough, we came home from school to find the guinea pig had died, totally unexpectedly. More sobs, this time from the smallest small, whose pet he was. A state funeral will take place tomorrow, should any of you have a gap in your diaries.

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Tooting Squared said...

Oh no! Poor Squirty. I'm sorry to hear it's been such an arse of a day all 'round. Think of it as a new holiday destination, not a distant friend. xxx