Sunday, August 1

Oooh the suspense

Sitting in the sun at her Godfather's this afternoon, Lapin discovered her first wobbly tooth. She has been waiting for this moment for what seems like ages, increasingly desperate for an event which she thinks will signal being properly grown up. Apparently, all the people in her class have got big teeth and she has been hankering to join them.

She has a perfect smile, a neat matching set of brilliant enamel. The wobbly tooth revealed itself firstly as a little gap between it and its neighbour. The excitement was tangible and the Godfather has carried out his loco parentis role by making a bet with her about exactly when the tooth will fall. Gambling is such an important skill, I'm glad we chose her sphere of influence so wisely.

Does anybody know what the Tooth Fairy leaves these days?


Tooting Squared said...

According to Lapin's little friend next door to me, £1 is the going rate. Plus, interestingly, some sweets ...

fiona said...

I have heard everything from £1 to £5 - which made me choke ever so slightly. Pocket money seems to have gone up dramatically since I was young too. I hear talk of "allowances" and "monthly clothing budgets". Jesus, I'm going to have to get a Saturday job when my children click on to this.