Wednesday, December 1


So, with all the excitement about the forthcoming Royal nuptials and fully anticipating a richly embossed stiff cream card invitation to be dropping through the letterbox in the January gloom, I have been out and found the perfect pair of shoes.

I have to confess I found them by accident at the end of a very luxurious day off with the lovely Tooting where we skipped around Brighton, whither the fancy took us (More of that later.) Anyway, just in case the upper wasn't exciting enough for you, just look at how amazing the soles are:

I think that makes me fully prepared. Right then Mr Postman, get that invitation to me pronto.


alice c said...

I have visions of the Queen saying "Stop the ceremony - you don't need Waitey Katie - you need this woman with her patriotic feet demonstrating that she is the rightful Princess"

magsmcc said...

I think I'd rather have the sole for the upper!

Baglady said...

Love these. Have you put an order in for them yet?

Amaranthine said...

Baglady, they are nestling in my cupboard already, just waiting for the right occasion.
Alice, I would make a dreadful Princess. I am not nearly demure enough and have a propensity to speak my mind. I fear this would be a bad thing.

Tooting Squared said...

You need to go back and buy the matching bag. You definitely need the matching bag!