Thursday, March 3


My day job (one of the few things I do that generates income) leads me to spend a fair bit of time in the car. I'm fully aware that as a single person pottering from here to there, I am not really doing my bit to have a teeny weeny carbon footprint but I do my best to reduce mileage where possible and try to shoulder the burden of guilt.

The lovely thing about going from place to place is seeing bits of the country you haven't seen before and becoming briefly acquainted with beautiful sights which nestle off the beaten track.

Lost on narrow meandering lanes bordered by tall hedges, I suddenly glimpsed this infamous Tor through a gateway and had to stop to admire its quiet majesty.

Previously in the day, I flew past Stonehenge, lurking ominously in the damp mist. (these photos are dreadful but the sun refused to shine, except on the Cathedral at Wells which was golden at lunchtime.)

Those sights were both arresting and magnificent but the most beautiful place I passed was the church at Doulting, whose spire is in stark contrast to the usual towers in Somerset.

Sadly on this occasion there was no opportunity to stop and look more closely but maybe one day I shall go that way again and have time to view the building more closely.

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