Saturday, March 5

Shopping with Granny

This morning, Lapin was up and dressed well before anyone else had stirred. She was bouncing around with anticipation and could barely contain her impatience as the wait for Granny got longer and longer. MrP and Bounce went off to do boy things and still no sign. The smile wavered and excitement made way for that dreaded lament "I'm bored" as the minute hand went inexorably round the clock.

However, all her angst evaporated the second Granny arrived and they went straight out for an indulgent birthday shopping trip.

This is what returned, topped by the widest grin I have ever seen.

Lapin takes great interest in what she wears and is very precise in her taste, although the finished outfit is not always what one might expect. She is fascinated by my clothes and I can only assume that the purchase of these and these may have opened her eyes to the benefits of wild shoes. Long may it last.

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fiona said...

Those are the kind of shoes I would have killed for as a child. Excellent choice!