Tuesday, April 13


There is a special sort of loveliness in those peaceful hours when everyone is in bed.

Productivity on all sorts of boring tasks is enormously increased by the simple method of less available distraction.

Not to mention an over indulgence in late night caffeine which keeps the eyelids stubbornly open.


Tooting Squared said...


fiona said...

I just followed you back to your blog from mine, read this post and line by line thought, "yes, I can completely understand this person" as I wait every day for 7.30pm to come so I can get things done. But holy smoke, I clocked the time that you wrote your post!!! How do you function during the day? I feel pleased with myself if I can manage to keep going until 10pm. If I get to 11pm I am then mentally lecturing myself on how bad I am going to feel the next day.

I think you might be the person I wish I was! But I'd need a big sack of Pro Plus to achieve it.