Tuesday, April 6

Bank Holidaying

Easter Egg Hunts - 1
Chocolate eaten - surprisingly little
Friends visited - 4
Furniture built - 1
Furniture moved - 9 (with more to go)
Loads of washing done - 53 (at least)
Piles of ironing done - 1 (luckily almost all our clothes are non-iron, classified by me)
Veg patch digging done - a little (The rest today, unless someone can provide a distraction)
Greenhouse cleaned - partially
Birthday presents bought - 3
Miles walked - at least 7
Fun had - lots

I hope you all had a similarly lovely Easter weekend. Must dash, I'm off to finish the "List of Things to do."

1 comment:

Tooting Squared said...

But how big was the pile of ironing ...?