Wednesday, April 7

Sunny outlook

Whilst listening to others complain about the effort of entertaining their smalls now school is out, I have been keeping uncharacteristically quiet. Thing is, (whisper this) I'm having a lovely time.

Me and the small have been going nowhere fast and chatting a lot along the way. I love the change of pace the holidays bring. We have time to stop and watch the world go by, not to mention a game of Pooh Sticks or two.

There is a special release in not having to watch the clock or chivvy and chase. There are long afternoons, stretching into twilit evenings that are perfect for just pottering. As yet, I haven't found a way of saying this without seeming unpleasantly smug so I just nod my agreement and smile whilst I think of all the fun we are having.

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Really Rachel said...

Lovely! I don't ever want my babies to go to school and have a rushed routine. Yuck.