Wednesday, December 15

Happy endings

In my line of work funerals are to be expected. In fact, if the truth be told, my regular attendance at funerals has become gallows humour to myself and my colleagues.

A funeral can invoke all sorts of emotions; some are filled with an enormous weight of terrible grief, some are just quietly mournful, some thankful for a life well lived and some full of happy reminiscence. Of course, many are a simmering cauldron of all of those emotions and more besides.

Often I leave a funeral feeling slightly overwhelmed by the responsibility of trying to assist people in a time of loss and wondering how I might best proceed. Just sometimes, as I walk away I know the tight knit family group will comfort each other and will pull together in their time of need. A close family is a lovely thing to behold and always gives me great peace of mind.

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julie said...

A close family will pull together through the most difficult of times and come through it closer than ever. Being an observer of this in action must be a heartwarming and uplifting experience and confirmation that despite all that is wrong in the world there is still beauty and love out there.