Saturday, December 4

Unhappy surprises and the credence of youth

8am, the curtains open to a view of green. There is no snow only slippy ice, slush and small forlorn white patches on the lawn. Bang goes any plan for the sledging extravaganza part 4.

The smalls thunder along the landing and jump into bed.

Lapin: Where is the snow?
Daddy: I sucked it up in the hoover and sold it to the ice cream man.
Lapin and Bounce: Really?

11am, phone call from Granny.

Lapin: Have you got any snow?
Granny: Not this morning.
Lapin: Has Grandpa been out with the hoover?

I should have no trouble peddling the Father Christmas line this year.

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Dani'sfadingmargins said...

Hey Perpetual Motion! I kept seeing you on some different blogs I like so I thought "I should go check her out. I know I'm cool, so she must be ;) Looks like I was right!

Such a cute story!! Somehow it's always hilarious when little kids are tricked into ridiculous beliefs. (Or just for me...?)

You're welcome to come on back and visit me!