Tuesday, December 14

Pull back the curtain

When performing, it is always important to prepare by eating properly. Lapin made a special request for toad-in-the-hole as she dashed across the playground this morning. Perhaps aware of its important role, the hole rose spectacularly to the occasion.

Followed by an old favourite, pineapple upside down cake. (What a fabulously simple way to make tinned fruit more appetising, especially when served with good vanilla ice cream.)

Two clean plates later we were off through the dark woods to school, keeping our eyes peeled for Gruffalos though sadly there were none to be seen.

I am pleased to say, despite some last minute doubts from Bounce, who announced solemnly this morning "I can't do it", all was well. Bounce remembered his lines, sang his solo loud enough to be heard by his proud mummy lurking far at the back. Lapin was an excellent Wise Man who rode an awkward camel with great aplomb.

I am bursting with pride. Thanks for all the good wishes, it was lovely to know you were thinking of me.

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