Sunday, December 5


One of my favourite blogs is Domesticali. so when Ali posted about her trip to Origin where she saw some beautiful art work by Rebecca Coles, I was inspired to visit Rebecca's website to see her work in closer detail and loved it. Feeling brave, I emailed to tell her so and was lucky enough to be sent some tickets for this. in the most fabulous hall under several of these amazing mirrors.

Wanting a pal to share the fun, I knew the girl who would appreciate this trip the most so I called the lovely Louise and waggled my free tickets under her nose. Never one to miss a bargain (and the temptation of a shopping trip) she cleared her diary and beetled down to stay.

So, with heady abandon (the small P's were off elsewhere for tea so we had no deadline to return for) we skipped off to Brighton on the train. We perused the stalls, we made intelligent remarks, we ate, we went back to the beginning again. We bought presents and made lists of suggestions. We compiled lengthy wish lists for ourselves and ate our body weight in caramelised sugar decorations. We met the lovely Rebecca and thanked her for our tickets and lusted after her artwork (photos from her website.)

Then feeling replete, we went for drinks in The Lanes and bought some ridiculous shoes, before tottering home to MrP.

What a lovely treat.


Tooting Squared said...

WE bought ridiculous shoes? WE did? Did we ...?!

(It was a fab day, and Rebecca's work is quite, quite beautiful. When I inherit that fortune ...)

julie said...

Sounds like a perfect outing. Go on, show us those ridiculous shoes!

Amaranthine said...

Toots - that is my recollection. Is yours different?!

Julie - it was a lovely day. The ridiculous shoes are showcased on an earlier post. Have a look at "Preparation" on 1st December and let me know what you think. x