Monday, December 20

Unexpected discoveries

Six hours into the long trip, Bounce suddenly confides that he needs a wee. This announcement is met with some trepidation. Bounce is not known for his forward planning, especially with regard to the emptying of his bladder. If he says he needs a wee, there is no time to lose.

At the time we were trundling along the motorway at approximately 5 miles an hour, hemmed in by lorries on one side and the central reservation on the other, not to mention cars to front and rear. The options are few and time is running out.

Thankfully, there is an empty bottle rolling around the floor. I will spare you the details but suffice to say, amid much hilarity, the deed was completed successfully into a secure container. Every time anyone asked for a drink they were offered warm squash - nobody fell for it.

However, unexpectedly, we found a use for it later. The windscreen squirt (that is the technical term) froze a little down the road and the muck on the glass was getting difficult to see through. It turns out, warm urine is just the thing for clearing the screen, and keeping it clear. Just in case you ever need to know.

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