Saturday, December 11


La Famille PM have spent the early part of the evening watching Strictly Come Dancing. There was much discussion about the dancers and their dances, culminating in much pontification about who might make it to next week's final.

There is a concensus: Sorry Gavin but you have danced your last dance for us. It was a good effort and you have improved enormously but sadly you are not quite keeping up with the high standards in this year's contest.

However, tomorrow two couples will be eliminated and here we are stumped. Frankly we are unable to choose between the remaining four and are therefore on the edge of the sofa, waiting to see what the Great British Public decide.

The suspense is killing me.

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Lucille said...

We too. Gavin had to go. I thought, by a narrow squeak, Scott needed a rest, but I was worried about how seriously Matt was taking it and how devastated he looked when he received criticism for his Salsa (or was it Samba?). I think he nearly cried.