Sunday, December 12

Sweat it out

My recipe for beating a sludgy winter cold.

Take one of these

...several of these...

..and just get those arms swinging until they look like this...

...and finally this:

That little lot kept me warm enough to take my coat off for a couple of hours and should keep the home fire burning for a couple of months. It temporarily cleared my fuzzy head and got some adrenaline pumping, not to mention a good toning for the batwing arms.

Good job done. Now I'm back to bed.


alice c said...

Chopping wood? Are you mad?
I had barely enough strength to turn the electric blanket off.

julie said...

Crikey, I'm impressed. My recipe for beating a winter cold is a lot less energetic, in fact I tend to just give in a lie about drinking hot toddies and groaning! Well done you! Hope you feel better soon.